Article: Infrastructure

Services for the world's rail requirements

A reliable, innovative, efficient and sustainable transport infrastructure is vital for meeting the many challenges that we are facing in the 21st century. Transport networks need to constantly grow and change because of an increasing population, and a good transport infrastructure is the backbone to economic success.

Testing and homologation

The ever increasing demands being placed on today’s railway infrastructure (faster trains, higher axle loads, increased traffic) requires innovative solutions to be developed, these need to be tested before they can be implemented.

DB are experts in track and overhead line testing and approvals and can offer:

  • Track component examination
  • Permanent way component measurements (rail expansion, levelling, subsistence, rail profiles etc)
  • Measurements during operational testing
  • Assessment of new elements
  • Support the introduction of new technology
  • Equipment for detecting out of round wheels, vehicle data recording stations, rail temperature, track balances and sensors
  • Vibration measurements
  • Investigation of irregularities
  • Track loading measurements

 Introduction "Continuous Track Monitoring" (LINK)

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