Article: Decarbonisation/Sustainability

Services for the world's rail requirements

DB ESG is guided and abides by the overarching governance of our parent organisation and the principles set out in the ‘Green Transformation’ strategy. 

At DB we have committed ourselves to an ambitious climate protection target: Becoming completely climate neutral by 2040. 

To achieve this goal, we have set ourselves ambitious intermediate stages: By 2030, we will reduce our CO2 emissions by at least 50% relative to 2006. 

We know that there is only one way to achieve climate targets: By successfully transferring a massive volume of traffic to green rail services. As an international provider of mobility and logistics services, DB are the key player in the shift to new forms of mobility.

DB ESG  recognises that sound environmental management is fundamental to the long-term success of our business. To that end, we are committed to fully protecting the environment, preventing pollution from the activities we undertake and complying with legislative and regulatory requirements. We have achieved ISO 14001 certification and we are committed to a culture that embraces the environment and promotes sustainability throughout our activities.

We are committed to ensuring that our engineers have the knowledge and skillsets to provide railway engineering solutions to help achieve Net Zero. 

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