DB ESG wins CCTV contract from London Midland

Article: DB ESG wins CCTV contract from London Midland

Supply forward facing CCTV (Class 323 and Class 350 fleets), saloon CCTV (Class 323s) and to fit one pantograph camera onto a single Class 350/1

DB ESG is delighted to announce that it has received a turnkey contract from London Midland for the supply of closed circuit television (CCTV) systems.

The work includes the design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of a forward facing closed circuit television (FFCCTV) system on London Midland’s 26 Class 323 and 40  Class 350 vehicles. Under a separate contract, ESG will also be responsible for the turnkey supply of saloon CCTV for the Class 323 units and will fit one pantograph camera to a single class 350/1 vehicle.

DB ESG will also obtain independent approval, be responsible for the training of operations and maintenance personnel and ensure three year operation through the provision of 3G/4G data SIMs. Finally, DB ESG will provide Wi-Fi connection facilities, to enable train to shore communications, at Kings Heath Depot, Soho Maintenance Depot and  Northampton Station and River Sidings.

The CCTV systems will be supplied by DTI, a recognised supplier to the global mass mobile surveillance market. The CCTV systems are capable of both live remote viewing and historical downloading, and the system will work flexibly over an Ethernet backbone from a common digital video recorder. The system will enable the operator to manage operational issues in a more informed manner.

The pantograph camera is an overhead wire network inspection system, used to analyse the overhead infrastructure conditions, identify and record anomalies and notify the operator of any issues before they impact on passenger service.

Nick Goodhand, Managing Director DB ESG, added: “DB ESG is experienced in integration design and installation of train borne systems. We are already working with DTI on other UK projects and look forward to continuing this relationship and to meeting our customer’s expectations.”

Installation will be carried out at London Midland’s Soho maintenance facility for the Class 323 fleet and King Heath’s depot for the Class 350 vehicles. The project will commence in October and should be completed by July 2017.