My placement with DB ESG and how it has provided me with a great start to my career

Article: My placement with DB ESG and how it has provided me with a great start to my career

Eoin Thorpe joined DB ESG in July 2023 as an Undergraduate Engineer on a one year placement. He is studying a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering at Loughborough University.

Why I decided to do a placement with DB ESG

I knew that I wanted to do a placement year whilst undertaking my degree at university. I also wanted it to be within the rail sector, as I have a keen interest in trains, stemming from my childhood, and time spent with my father and grandfather. When I started looking for a placement, I quickly learnt that Derby is an important rail sector hub and with my university only being based in Loughborough, a Derby rail industry placement felt like the obvious choice. I looked for railway engineering companies located in Derby and found DB ESG. I read through their website and looked at their case studies on using 3D printing to combat obsolescence in the railway industry. One of my hobbies is 3D printing and I have owned my own 3D printer for many years, and so I found these case studies to be of particular interest. I emailed the Mechanical Engineering Manager, to determine whether DB ESG would be able to provide me with a placement year. Later, I had a call with the Operations Director and was subsequently invited to an interview. I was delighted to be offered a placement, which I started in July 2023.

My role at DB ESG

I work mainly within the digital manufacturing (DM) team, but I also get to work with people throughout the company, to ensure that I get the most possible out of my placement year. My main responsibilities are managing and maintaining the two 3D printers that we run in the office. I also do 3D scanning at railway depots for surveys and scanning projects. Before joining DB ESG, I had no experience or skills with 3D scanning, but during my time here I have learnt so much that I often get sent to customer sites to 3D scan. I process and analyse the scans for both general project surveys and scanning specific projects. I have also trained other colleagues in the company in how to use the scanners and I have presented the technology to railway experts as part of the IMechE Railway Division Young Engineers Presentation Competition. As part of the DM team, I get to go through the entire project process, from writing proposals and communicating with the customer, to completing the work, including surveying, designing, analysing, and doing reports. I also get the opportunity to work with the Projects Team on long, multimillion pound projects. This mixture of small and large projects is a great experience.

Part of a friendly and supportive team, where I feel appreciated

The entire company is incredibly nice and friendly, and I get on with everyone. I very much feel a part of the team and appreciated, rather than just being one in a horde, as I expect it can feel within larger companies.

I have gained so much from my placement at DB ESG

This placement has been extremely valuable to me. I have acquired so many new skills from all the work that I have done, and I have enjoyed this work and working in this industry. I now know that I want to come back into the rail sector once I have completed my degree. DB ESG have offered to provide me with a master’s project with them, which is amazing, and I look forward to being able to continue to work with them after I have returned to university.

Talk to DB ESG

I strongly recommend, both doing an undergraduate placement, and selecting DB ESG for this. DB ESG is a great team of people and they will tailor your placement year to your particular interests. They will also ensure that you get the very best out of your placement, and that you feel truly valued and important to the company.

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