Train Innovation Hub Power Supply

Article: Train Innovation Hub Power Supply

(Derby, June 2020) Porterbrook was converting a Class 319/4 unit into an Innovation Hub and showcasing it at the Rail Live exhibition at Long Marston in June 2019. As part of this exhibition, suppliers were invited to trial and demonstate new equipment on-board the vehicles. Porterbrook required a safe electrical distibution system to connect to their generator (650v) and allow 12 power points in the unit for the demonstrations (110dc and 230ac).
DB ESG was selected as the preferred supplier for this work.

Work Undertaken

Interface with 650v generator

  • Conducted a vehicle survey of the unit at Long Marston.
  • Produced a design solution report that detailed the modifications required to the vehicle to facilitate transferrable and safe connection of the generator supply to the vehicle.
  • Developed a design pack, including a generator connection schematic diagram, detailed design for the transferable generator interface box and generator remote shut down circuits, including emergency stop.¬†
  • Created a modification procedure to facilitate temporary connection of the generator supply to a Class 319 unit.
  • Produced a Bill of Materials

On train power distribution

  • Created a supplementary design solutions report detailing intended modifications to the vehicle to facilitate the installations of power points in each vehicle.
  • Produced a design pack that included the power point distributions, schematic and wiring diagrams, junction box installation locations and vehicle and connection interface wiring.
  • Developed a supplementary modification procedure that covered the power point installations.
  • Provided five days of on-site technical support during conversion work at Long Marston.