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Services for the world's rail requirements

A reliable, innovative, efficient and sustainable transport infrastructure is vital for meeting the many challenges that we are facing in the 21st century. Transport networks need to constantly grow and change because of an increasing population, and a good transport infrastructure is the backbone to economic success.

DB is one of the world’s leading partners in railway infrastructure, mobility and transport. We develop and implement customised solutions that can tackle these 21st century challenges. DB can offer everything from expert advice, planning and completion of infrastructure, to project managing transport and mobility projects around the world.

We have specialists in railway systems, infrastructure, power systems, construction supervision and civil engineering, all supported by our first class project management and consultancy services and backed by our knowledge of rolling stock. Our understanding and experience of every aspect of the railway sets us apart from our competitors.
Whether you are looking at light rail or high speed, we have the experience that you require to make your project a success.


Good project management is key to ensuring a project’s success. DB makes this success happen for customers around the world. We manage complex infrastructure projects, integrating all necessary engineering disciplines and consultancy services.

We have global experience of working in partnership with clients and managing a project, right from the initial requirements analysis and feasibility study, through the design phase and quality management, to construction supervision and on-time project completion. As a railway operator, we can also assume responsibility for, or offer advice about, the operation of a system.

DB have specialists in civil and electromechanical engineering, environmental protection, geotechnics and geodesy. Supported by our expertise in rail systems, rolling stock and operations, we can give our customers confidence that we truly understand every aspect of the rail sector.

We design, co-ordinate, verify and document every project stage, from scheduling and cost control to quality and risk management.

With experience in managing all sizes of projects and systems, from light rail and metro schemes to high speed, we can provide the very best solution for any railway requirement.

Good infrastructure is critical to a country’s economic success, it attracts investment and business and creates jobs and prosperity. Good design is at the heart of any well managed infrastructure project.

DB has considerable expertise in infrastructure design and is experienced in designing transport routes, stations, depots and terminals.

We can offer support in:

1) Project Concepts and preliminary Design

  • Studies and expert opinions
  • Strategy and goal definition
  • Feasibility studies
  • Economic analysis
  • Financing Plan
  • Project organisation

2) Operational infrastructure planning

  • Analysis of operations
  • Line and timetable design
  • Determination of the appropriate system scope
  • Identification of work to be performed
  • Assessment of operating infrastructure
  • Construction operations planning

3) Engineering Design

  • Basic evaluation
  • Preliminary design to construction drawings
  • Preparation and evaluation of bids
  • Documentation


DB offers design services in:

1) Electromagnetic compatibility and electrical safety

  • Site analysis and concepts
  • Measurements, construction and operational supervision
  • Certification of workmanship that complies with standards and legislation
  • Damage inspection and assessment

2) Track systems

  • Earthworks, civil and underground engineering
  • Permanent way
  • Railroad crossings, including road construction

3) Building Construction

  • Depots
  • Platform facilities, including platform roofs
  • Sheds
  • Technical and functional buildings
  • Warehouses

4) Structural engineering

  • Bridges and viaducts (steel, concrete and other designs)
  • Tunnels and viaducts (cut and cover, bored and mechanical construction methods)
  • Retaining structures
  • Noise barriers
  • Special geotechnical engineering

5) Electromechanical engineering

  • Control-command and signaling
  • Traction current supply systems, overhead line systems, conductor rails
  • IT and telecommunications systems
  • Electrical power systems (50 Hz)
  • Plant, machinery and equipment
  • Mechanical, electrical and plumbing

We help our customers ensure that project construction is running on time and to budget. We look at the smallest detail to make sure that the quality is there and that all necessary regulations and standards are complied with.

Our Services:

  • Construction site management
  • Construction operations planning
  • Local construction site supervision
  • Geotechnical and environmental construction supervision
  • Acceptance and commissioning
  • Documentation and acceptance procedure

The ever increasing demands being placed on today’s railway infrastructure (faster trains, higher axle loads, increased traffic) requires innovative solutions to be developed, these need to be tested before they can be implemented.

DB are experts in track and overhead line testing and approvals and can offer:

  • Track component examination
  • Permanent way component measurements (rail expansion, levelling, subsistence, rail profiles etc)
  • Measurements during operational testing
  • Assessment of new elements
  • Support the introduction of new technology
  • Equipment for detecting out of round wheels, vehicle data recording stations, rail temperature, track balances and sensors
  • Vibration measurements
  • Investigation of irregularities
  • Track loading measurements


DB also offers Infraview, predictive maintenance through the use of intelligent data diagnostics and analysis. Infraview allows the monitoring of all assets, from different manufacturers, in one system. This proven system is already operational in Germany, monitoring 10,000 points, point heaters, level crossings, interlocking and trains.


 Introduction "Continuous Track Monitoring" (LINK)

Infrastructure – Maintenance
Our railway infrastructure is having to cope with increasing levels of traffic, faster line speeds and higher axle loads. There is a growing pressure to keep the infrastructure operational, minimise the time that it is shut for maintenance and reduce costs.
Historically, railway infrastructure has been monitored via periodic inspections, with a mainly reactive maintenance approach i.e. responding when something goes wrong with the infrastructure. This approach has a huge impact on railway operations and costs.
Predictive maintenance is key to keeping the railway operational and cost effective.

Predictive maintenance
DB offers Infraview, predictive maintenance through the use of intelligent data diagnostics and analysis. Infraview allows the monitoring of all assets, from different manufacturers, in one system. This proven system is already operational in Germany, monitoring 10,000 points, point heaters, level crossings, interlocking and trains.


Introduction "Continuous track monitoring" (LINK)