Deutsche Bahn

ESG Rail

Technical experts in UK rolling stock

ESG Rail is the UK route to market for DB´s technology companies. As part of the DB group, ESG Rail plays a significant role in the development of the UK's rolling stock, offering innovative and value-led strategic advice, technical consultancy and technology integration.

UK route to market for DB products and technologies 

Located in the UK

Technical rolling stock consultancy

  • Brake system optimisation; WSPER
  • 3D printing of components
  • Condition based maintenance
  • Testing and homologation
  • Hybridisation of rolling stock

Technology integration

  • OHL monitoring
  • Physical prevention of over speeding device
  • ETCS


  • Monitoring




“Our international expertise, supported by our UK rolling stock knowledge, makes us an ideal partner for all your requirements.”
Nick Goodhand, General Manager and Engineering Director.