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PRM compliance review and feasibility report for Arriva TrainCare

Make the Mark III Units compliant with the accessbility requirements.


The UK Government has set a date of the 1st January 2020, by which all passenger rail vehicles must be accessible to the mobility impaired (PRM TSI). To allow their Mark III units to remain in passenger service from 2020, the operator, Chiltern Railways had a requirement to make them compliant with the accessibilty requirements set by the Department for Transport. Arriva TrainCare were contracted to undertake a technical review.
DB ESG has undertaken a number of accessbility compliance surveys on behalf of rolling stock leasing companies and operators. They were asked by Arriva TrainCare to conduct a survey on the Mark III day coaches and to then produce a feasibility report detailing the modifications required to the coaches to allow them to remain in passenger service after 2019.

Work undertaken

  • A vehicle survey was undertaken, including a detailed review of the existing bodyside door arrangement.
  • Creation of a PRM TSI feasibilty compliance report detailing the modifications required to achieve targeted compliance.
  • Review of Chiltern Railway’s Mark III PRM TSI report to determine whether the proposed modifications were sufficient to enable the coaches to remain in service.