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Independent ergonomic review of DMU driver seats and cab bodyside droplights for Chiltern Railways.

(Derby, 26. January 2022) 


Chiltern Railways operated three diesel multiple unit (DMU) fleets (Class 165/0, Class 168 and Class 172). They had a requirement to undertake an independent review of the ergonomic aspects of the driver seats in these DMU fleets to establish whether they were compliant with current standards. They also needed an ergonomic review of the cab bodyside droplight operation conducting.

DB ESG were approached to undertake this work because they have a specialism in ergonomics.

Work Undertaken

  • A DB ESG ergonomics specialist surveyed the DMU fleets at Aylesbury depot. The physical dimensions and range of adjustment of the driver seats, and the proximity of other relevant cab furniture was obtained as part of this survey, for each of the DMU Classes. The proximity of the seats to the primary train controls and bodyside droplight was also determined, together with the amount of travel and force required to operate the cab bodyside droplight.
  • The data obtained during the vehicle survey was analysed and the measured seat dimensions and installation relative to the primary controls was assessed against the anthropometric data for the percentile ranges of 5th Percentile female to 95th percentile male.
  • DB ESG produced a technical report that detailed the ergonomic review and assessment of the seats in each Class variant. The report detailed any deficiencies in the existing seats and made recommendations as to how the ergonomic aspects of the driving position and seat comfort could be improved.
  • The report also included a review of the forces required to operate the cab bodyside droplights from both a seated and standing position, making recommendations as deemed appropriate.