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Improve platform edge illumination in Mark 3 a coach

Development & supply of under-step lighting


Chiltern Railways wanted to improve platform edge illumination, thereby increasing passenger awareness of the gap between the platform edge and the rail vehicle, reducing the risk of passenger injury.
DB ESG was contracted to support Chiltern with the installation of an LED under-step lighting system onto a single Mark 3a coach, which Chiltern could then trial in passenger service. DB ESG carried out all necessary engineering design, support and validation, and supplied the material for a trial.

Work Undertaken

  • Design of an LED understep light housing unit – DB ESG developed self-contained housing, that facilitated maintenance, and that had a low profile and did not infringe on the dynamic gauge of the area below the footstep.
  • Production of an engineering design pack to support a trial.
  • Updated schematics and wiring diagrams.
  • DB ESG provided engineering support for a concept static trial of the four prototype lighting units.
  • Materials supply
    4 x lighting unit housing assemblies
    4 x connecting harness assemblies
    4 x kits of fasteners, fittings, conducts, crimps, cable ties etc.

Engineering support for in-service trial installation