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Turnkey project

for Arriva Trains Wales


Arriva Trains Wales had a crash damaged 2-car Class 150 unit, in which only one of the two cars was damaged. To utilize the undamaged car, whilst the damaged one was being repaired, Arriva wanted to temporarily add this vehicle to a 2-car unit, converting it into a 3-car hybrid unit. On completion of the damage repair, the car could then be recoupled back into its original unit.

DB ESG was approached and asked to investigate the work required to achieve the above, with a fast turnaround.

DB ESG considered two options:

  • Coupling the car from the damaged unit (donor vehicle) between the vehicles of the recipient unit.
  • Coupling the donor vehicle to the end of the recipient unit.

The best option was considered to be the first one, because all work required could be completed on the donor vehicle.

The lead times for the new coupler assemblies were discovered to be too long to meet the short timescale requirement. The only solution was therefore found to be to remove the bar coupler assembly and receptacle from the damaged unit. These were then supplied to DB ESG for use on the hybrid unit.

Word Undertaken by DB ESG

  • Vehicle survey and supplier discussions.
  • Inspection procedure, including dye penetration testing of the bar coupler. This confirmed the suitability for reuse of the existing coupler.
  • Modification and test procedures produced for the necessary work.
  • Supply of all installation and assembly materials apart from coupler and receptacle.
  • On-site support.
  • Installation and then decommissioning of the 3-car unit, once the damaged vehicle had been repaired, with all vehicles then returned to their original units.
  • DB ESG’s sister company, Railway Approvals Ltd. used to provide an attestation assessment for verifying conformity of the modifications.

For media enquiries contact Heidi Lee, Marketing and Communications Manager, DB ESG – 01332 483 849 (mobile - 07870 958043) or email: