Deutsche Bahn

Remote Condition Monitoring on South West Trains´Fleet

Design, approvals, installation and materials for RCM and CCTV


(27.04.2016) Train operators and owners have an increasing need to download on-train data to improve their maintenance and overhaul regimes, locate units and help reduce delay minutes. Remote Condition Monitoring (RCM) captures the data from the trains and transfers it to a central location for storage and analysis.

ESG Rail was commissioned to undertake the design, approvals, installation and materials for remote condition monitoring (RCM) and forward facing CCTV on trains operated by Stagecoach on its South West Trains franchise – 41 Class 158 and 159 diesel multiple units and 91 class 455 electric multiple units.

The CCTV and RCM system utilises an Ethernet backbone to integrate all the system components and facilitate the transfer of data throughout the train. Each train has one communications device connected to the Ethernet backbone called an IMC. The IMC uses a dual mobile communications/GPS antenna to download data from the train and record location information.

The system uses an 8-point Ethernet switch (ES) to allow all Ethernet enabled devices to be connected to the backbone to transfer data. The ES ensures that the system is easily expandable for additional functionality such as passenger counting, driver advisory or fuel monitoring.



  • Vehicle survey to confirm design requirements.
  • Scope and detailed design description, including vehicle schematics, new/updated installation drawings, mechanical and electrical design calculations, updated pneumatics and electrical schematics, and wiring.



  • First fitment for each fleet.
  • Fitment required the installation of new Ethernet cables, Ethernet switches, antennae, inter-vehicle jumpers and CCTV recorders (4 per vehicle).
  • Following approval of the first in class fitment by SWT engineers, full fleet fitment was undertaken by ESG.
  • All installed systems were tested and commissioned.



  • ESG contracted Railway Approvals Limited to underwrite all designs and the installation of components and systems.