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ETCS Fic Tender Review

Structured tender review for ATOC


(6 may, 2015) The UK rail industry is preparing for the deployment of Level 3 European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) across the network by 2025. The rail vehicle installations associated with the development of European Train Control System (ETCS) - a signalling, control and train protection system - is being managed by a joint Rolling Stock Operating Company (RoSCo) organisation known as the National Joint Rolling Stock Project (NJRP).
The initial phase of deployment is the letting of design contracts for the First in Class (FiC) design and installation for all passenger vehicles operating on the system after 2019 - when initial roll out of overhead line equipment (OLE) and new signalling equipment will commence.

To achieve this, NJRP has developed a programme whereby each class type has been allocated to a package, resulting in the recognition of a deployment strategy for infrastructure based system components. As each FiC contract is tendered, the NJRP team are engaging with the affected Train Operating Companies (TOCs) to enable them to participate in the tender review process.

It had been recognised by ATOC that many of the TOCs did not have the resources or expertise to enable them to fully contribute within the short project timescales.

This realisation resulted in DB ESG being contracted to undertake the necessary reviews on behalf of the operators.


DB ESG’s strategic consultants provided structured tender reviews, in accordance with the ATOC Best Practice principals, that were developed during the initial packages. DB ESG provided a comprehensive report, detailing the findings of the tender reviews alongside any recommended areas of improvement to the technical content or program.


  • The tender reviews covered the following areas:
  • Technical – including compliance and operational impact
  • Programme – duration and deliverability (FiC and Fleet)
  • Compliance – including the ETCS On-board System Baseline 3 – National On-board Subsystems Requirements Specification
  • Cab layout – Practicality, including technical, maintainability, installation and operation.

The work carried out by DB ESG was split into two phases. Phase 1 involved the detailed and intensive review of the proposal from a technical, approvals and delivery perspective. Phase 2 comprised of a less intensive, but intrusive question and answer phase, with ongoing meetings with tender suppliers.